What is a Master Key?

The Master Key

The Master Key is a revolutionary Master Password on PicKey that is as easy as remembering a picture, and stronger than any Master Password used today.


PicKey.ai uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence vision algorithms; to turn anything you see, into a unique, computer generated memory. This is similar to human photographic memory.
With this, PicKey.ai’s AI engine can remember any vision memory uniquely, even if there are certain physical changes around it.

For example : When you look at your living room, your brain confirms that it is your own living room - based on a vision memory that you have created for it before. Just by looking at your living room, you would instantly recognise it, even if things have moved around a little. PicKey.ai does the same thing, albeit with artificial neurons, and with superhuman accuracy. This unique vision memory becomes your Vision Secret (primary password).

You can turn anything you see into a unique Vision Secret - your living room, your face, that cute teddy bear, your backyard or even your favorite spot in the park. If your Vision Secret is a place, it remains known only to you (unlike Face Login - where everyone knows your face).

For a secondary password, PicKey.ai uses Keymojis, which are 3D characters appearing in Augmented Reality or 3D views, and are often animated with sound or music. Since Keymojis have no physical presence and are entirely virtual; we use them as secrets and as secondary passwords.

Once your Vision Secret (primary password) and your Keymoji Secret (secondary password) matches the values you had set-up, you login to your PicKey.ai account successfully. This is also called Master Key Login, since the Vision Secret and Keymoji Secret form a Master Key together.

We recommend that you create at least two Master Keys to enable self-account recovery and for your convenience. If one key is unavailable, you can always use the other one.