Setting-Up a Master Key

About The Master Key

A Master Key is how you log-in to It is a new, revolutionary, visual master password that you can see with your own eyes and remember naturally. You create your first Master Key when you Sign-Up to PicKey. However, we recommend that you create at least two Master Keys or more. All of these keys can log you into your account.

Creating a Master Key

Your Master Key is created using two visual secrets :

  1. A favorite photo : A picture of your favorite place, a cherished object; or your face. We call it the Vision Secret. When selecting it, think of moments or objects that resonate with you emotionally. It could be a cherished childhood toy, a memorable vacation spot, or even a favorite book on your shelf. The key is to choose something that not only holds significance but is also easily accessible to you. Even a public photo from your social media can serve as a Vision Secret. The beauty of PicKey is its ability to transform everyday visuals into powerful security tools.

  2. A 3D character : A private 3D character that is often animated in Augmented Reality or 3D Views and may have accompanying sound effects. You can chose from thousands of options. Select the one that goes with the vision secret and is likeable to you. This will be your Keymoji Secret - the second part of your Master Key.

That’s it, you have created your Master Key. Use it to Log-In to PicKey.

Photographic Memory

PicKey employs the concept of photographic memory to authenticate your Vision Secret. Even with slight physical variations (like lighting or angles), PicKey identifies the Vision Secret, mirroring human-like recognition. To log-in again, you can click another photo of the object/place/face again or simply select the one you used while creating your Master Key.

Please note : Extreme changes in your Vision Secret might cause login verification to fail.
If a real person can’t identify the picture, PicKey’s AI might also struggle.

Welcome to PicKey

Welcome to , let amazing memories be the keys to your password-free life.