How to Enable Autofill in iOS

The Passwordless Life

Welcome to PicKey’s autofill feature. Using a unique 3D Master Key, PicKey offers passwordless login, akin to recalling a photo.

Once in, it manages and autofills passwords on both mobile and desktop, ensuring a seamless, password-free experience.

What is Autofill?

Autofill is a feature where PicKey automatically fills up your information for you as you browse through internet. This includes your passwords, addresses, phone numbers and credit cards.

Password autofill is’s main feature. After saving passwords in PicKey, they’re managed & autofilled wherever needed.

Enabling Autofill in iOS

After logging into PicKey’s iOS app, select PicKey as your autofill provider to auto-fill your passwords. This can be done quickly by :

  1. Open the iOS Settings App
  2. Search for “Autofill Passwords” setting
  3. Go to “Password Options”
  4. Make sure “Autofill Passwords” button is set to “on”
  5. De-select “iCloud Passwords & Keychain”
  6. Select “PicKey”
  7. You’re Done

This concludes this guide.

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