Any best practices to create Vision Secrets?

Absolutely. Your Vision Secert is your Primary Password and is really important.

Please make sure that the photo you use for it is of good quality, clear (not blurred) and has good detail that the ai can memorize.

Here are important tips:

  • Places with a lot of objects or various details, make the best secrets.
  • Avoid empty, pale looking places, like single-colored walls in an empty room. They lack details and are not an ideal choice.
  • Please do not use single colors (like all black, all white ) as your vision secret as this does not create a meaningful secret.
  • When creating multiple Place Master Keys, ensure their Vision Secrets are different from each other.
  • The AI program checks every detail. If two Master Keys are created in areas close to each other, they may look the same (even backgrounds, floors, doors etc.).
  • If creating multiple Keys, it is recommended that you create Place Vision Secrets at places that clearly look different than one another.
  • Ensure that the image is clear and not out of focus & not blurred.